Under Eye Grooves/ Tear Trough Filler Injections

Under Eye Grooves/ Tear Trough Filler Injections

 Deep grooves or shadows under the eyes can give the impression that you are chronically tired or sleep deprived, even on your best, most rested days.  Adding subtle volume to this area can completely transform the frame around the eyes.  The results are almost magical. 

What fillers does Dr. Brown inject under the eyes?  
Dr. Brown prefers Restylane for most injections here, although she sometimes uses a few other hyaluronic acid products for specific needs.  For long-term maintenance, Dr. Brown also likes to use Sculptra injections to volumize and support the tissues around the eyes. 

How long will the results last?  
 Because the injections are placed underneath the muscle, results often last 12-18 months.  We have seen results last even longer for some individuals.  Every patient is different, and results may vary.

Is there any pain involved with the injections?  
 We always apply a strong topical numbing ointment for about 40-60 minutes prior to injections to minimize discomfort.  Injections in the undereye area actually aren't that uncomfortable at all for most individuals.  Patients report that it just feels "weird" having something done in this area.

Can I go right back to work afterwards?  
 The skin around the eye area is rather thin and contains many vessels.  For this reason, there is more risk of bruising and swelling here.  We recommend that you plan on limiting your social activities for several days just in case.  Most of our patients prefer to have this procedure done on a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning so that they can have the weekend to stay home.  We can give you prednisone to calm down inflammation and swelling, and we have detailed instructions for additional aftercare.  Having a thick make-up concealer on hand is always a good idea as well.

Why should I choose Dr. Brown for my injections when I can get a treatment at the local Med Spa for $200 less?  
 Dr. Brown has 20 years of experience in medical and aesthetic Dermatology.  She has the knowledge, skill, and aesthetic eye as a master in her specialty.  She has been Board Certified in Dermatology since 2003 and has been constantly refining her craft through the years.  The choice of fillers for under the eyes is extremely crucial, and Dr. Brown has seen some concerning long-term complications in patients treated by non-specialists with Radiesse, Voluma, or Bellafill under the eyes.  Please be very careful with the person you allow to inject your face.  The difference between a poor filler results and an amazing result solely lies in the injector you choose.  We have seen many patients in our office who have gone elsewhere to save money on their injections, only to end up spending much more money and time later with a specialist to correct the original treatment.

How should I prepare for my injection appointment?  
 Filler instructions