Silhouette InstaLift

Silhouette InstaLift

Silhouette InstaLift is a novel non-surgical office procedure to partially lift sagging facial skin. If you are starting to see theearly signs of aging, with minimal jowls and mild drooping in the cheeks, this treatment may be the perfect solution for you. The unique 360-degree cone technology of the absorbable sutures suspends the skin for an immediate lifting while also stimulating the skin to increase its own collagen production. This results in both lifting and volume that lasts for a total of 1-2 years. In fact, most patients feel that they appear 4-5 years younger after the Silhouette InstaLift.

Is this procedure perfect for everyone?
Silhouette InstaLift is NOT a replacement for a surgical facelift. It is, however, suitable for the patient with mild to moderate sagging of the jowls who wants a subtle lift in the midface without surgery. Most patients are in their 40's to 60's and do not need to undergo a major procedure just yet. This procedure is easily combined with other tightening or volumizing procedures for a natural, balanced effect.

How does the procedure work?
In about 1 hour, Dr. Brown inserts thin needles with thespecialized threads in specific positions to suspend and lift the skin. Most patients need 4-6 pairs for optimal results. Results are noticeable immediately, but mild bruising and swelling may be present for several days. The procedure itself is well tolerated with minimal discomfort and only requires numbing injections at the needle insertion points. Each Silhouette thread contains poly-L-lactic acid and poly-L-glycolic acid, which have been commonly used in medical devices and suture material (i.e. Vicryl sutures) for many years. Incidentally, poly-L-lactic acid is the main componentof Sculptra, which is injected into the face for volume restoration and collagen stimulation. Over time, the poly-L-lactic acid in the sutures are naturally metabolized and absorbed by the body while simultaneously stimulating collagen production by the skin. For more information on the procedure, visit .

How painful is the process?
Placing the sutures typically only has mild discomfort. Dr. Brown anesthetizes the entry and exit points for the sutures with local numbing injections prior. You will feel strong pullng and some "zingers" as Dr. Brown later tightens the threads. This may last for about 5-10 minutes. If you have any concerns about pain, we can prescribe a valium prescription for you to take beforehand. However, you will then need to have a driver to and from your appointment.

Is this the same as the Contour Thread lift?
No. Years ago, permanent barbed threads were marketed for a similar lifting effect. However, they were removed from the market several years later for performance issues. The newer InstaLift sutures have overcome these original barriers and have improved on the functional design with their 3-D cone technology.

How should I prepare for my procedure?
After-care is crucially important to ensure the success of your lift procedure. Please confirm that you are able to comply with the Silhouette Procedure Instructions.