Radiesse is setting a new standard for facial contouring and augmentation.  It immediately adds volume to correct and beautify facial features.  This product then goes beyond filling facial wrinkles by stimulating the body to produce new collagen.  The result is a soft, natural transformation. 

  See before and after photos.  

   What  is Radiesse? 
 Radiesse is made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier.  When injected into the skin, these microspheres immediately soften wrinkles and provide a soft, natural result.  Over time, the product also stimulates the body to produce new collagen, which restores facial volume.

   Where  is Radiesse used? 
 It is injected to help smooth certain facial wrinkles or to restore volume.

  •  To add lost volume to cheeks (our favorite use for Radiesse!) 
  •  The large smile lines from the side of the nose to the side of the lips (nasolabial fold) 
  •  For sagging lip corners that look like a frown 
  •  To augment the chin and minimize jowls. 

 (Radiesse is not injected into the lips, as it can cause nodules in this area) 

  How long  does it last 
 On average, Radiesse injections last about a year.  In certain areas, you may need to retreat in 10 months.  Since results may vary, be sure to discuss your expectations with Dr. Brown prior to your treatment.

  Do the injections  hurt 
 Radiesse injections are typically well tolerated with only mild discomfort.  Most patients prefer to numb the area for 40 minutes before their appointment with topical creams.

  Is it  safe 
 Radiesse is FDA approved and has undergone rigorous testing in clinical studies to prove its safety.  Radiesse has been used for other medical purposes for over 15 years, and it requires no allergy testing.

  What are the  side effects 
 As with any injection, you may see swelling, itching, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site.  Bruising and mild swelling are the most commonly seen side effects.  Dr. Brown recommends avoiding alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and some supplement pills for 10-14 days prior to minimizing the risk of bruising.  To be safe, do not plan any social activities for several days after your treatment.

  Radiesse Instructions