Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

    How does it work? 
 Light energy from the laser is “tuned” to be attracted to the dark pigment (color) of the hair. As the laser light strikes the hair, the energy travels down the hair shaft and reaches the bottom of the hair follicle. This creates some damage to the hair follicle. The hairs will begin to fall out about 2 weeks after treatment. A damaged hair follicle does not produce hair, and many of them are permanently destroyed. Some follicles will rebuild and heal themselves as part of the body’s natural healing process, and they will need to be treated again.

 The laser can only kill the follicles in the active growth phase (1 of 3 phases). That is why you need several treatments to catch all of the hair in its active growth phase. 

   Which laser  do you use? 
 We use the GentleMax-Pro by Candela.  This is the latest technology, which is much less painful and more effective than the older hair removal lasers.

   How many  treatments will I need? 
 Most patients will need at least 6 treatments, once a month.  With each treatment, you typically lose 20-25% of your hair growth.  So, each treatment leaves you wiht less and less hair, and you don't have to shave as often.  You should gradually notice the difference after each treatment.

  What does the teatment  feel  like? 
 Treatments with the GentleMax laser is actually rather comfortable compared to many other lasers.  No type of anesthesia is required because this laser features a patented Dynamic Cooling device which releases a quick burst of liquid cold spray before and after each laser pulse.  The spray colls the outer layer of th skin and makes the treatment much more comfortable.  Some patients may feel a very mild stinging or popping sensation with each pulse of hte laser, but this is very well tolerated.

  Will it work on  blonde  hair? 
 No, it really doesn’t. We recommend electrolysis for light, fine, or grey hairs. Laser treatment can only work on hair with some color.

  Can I have it done if I am  dark-skinned 
 Absolutely! Laser hair removal works best in patients with light skin an ddark hair, but others can also be treated with good results.   While everyone should avoid the sun before and during treatments, this is especially important for darker-skinned individuals.  Sun exposure can cause discoloration (brown patches) or blisters with laser treatments.  We recommend doing laser in the fall or winter to minimize this risk wiht darker skin.

  I am a woman with  hormone problems and facial hair  . Will laser treatment work? 
 It is important to have your hormonal problems corrected first. Otherwise the laser hair reduction will not be permanent. Once that is under control, you should respond well.

  Is the hair loss  permanent 
 All laser hair treatments are described as permanent hair reduction, because the body may decide to grow some hairs later. You typically don’t have regrowth of all of the hairs. Laser permanently destroys hair follicles. But, the body may decide to grow a few new ones. Some patients never need any more treatments. Some may have a few scattered hairs and decide to have a touch up treatment, which may be years later. We cannot predict nor guarantee what your body will do. If you have hormone problems, the hair may likely regrow.

  What should I do and not do  before my treatment 
 No waxing or plucking of the area for 4 weeks prior (or 2-3 weeks on the face).  You CAN shave.  The treatment area SHOULD be shaved 1-2 days before laser, so that we can see only the short stubble in the area.  It is extremely important to avoid tanning the treatment area for at leats 3-4 weeks before each treatment, since this could potentially cause blisters or discoloration.