Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is not an infection.
It's not contagious.
It's not even rare.

HS is actually a chronic, overactive inflammatory response to a very small amount of bacteria found in clogged hair follicles.  It often arises as inflamed, tender red nodules and scarring after puberty or in the years after that.  It affects 1-4% of the population and is much more common in women.

There is no cure yet, but we can work hard to keep it under control.  What works for one patient may have no effect on another. This is a journey . Finding the perfect treatment for you may take a series of trial and error until we find the right combination.  We completely understand that this condition has an enormous impact on every aspect of life - physical, mental, and emotional.

The most important point is to find the right dermatologist to build a long-lasting healthcare relationship.  This is not a condition that is treated with one simple doctor visit...or even two.  It is hard work to find the appropriate treatment.  There will be better days and worse days, but we have helped so many patients find long-term relief with our treatment plans.  My goal is that together we can develop a workable regimen to keep the flares at bay and to give you your life back .

Before your visit, check out www.hsconnect.org and www.hs-foundation.org .  These reliable, informative websites are a wealth of resources for every aspect of dealing with this condition.  When you visit our clinic, please bring a list of all specific antibiotics and treatments you have tried in the past.  During your visit, we will develop a gameplan and give further suggestions to put an end to the misery.  We love making a difference with HS patients!