Forehead Line Filler

Forehead Line Filler

 The horizontal lines on the forehead are due to active and frequent muscle movements.  We typically soften these successfully with Botox/Dysport injections.  But for patients who already have heavy or low eyebrows, this could lower the eyebrows even more, which is not a good look.  Filler injections can help to soften the lines without affecting the muscle movement at all.  This treatment also helps with patients who have strong etched in lines even after Botox/Dysport injections. 

Which product does Dr. Brown use for these injections?  
 For superficial lines, Dr. Brown prefers Belotero.  This is a softer, thinner hyaluronic acid filler that is intended for smaller, finer wrinkles.

Are there any side effects?  
 Injecting the forehead typically leaves many small swollen, bruised marks on the skin.  You will need bangs or concealer for several days afterwards.  Most patients plan this before a long weekend of recovery.

Will this affect my natural movement and make me look fake?  
 No.  Patients who want to keep their forehead muscle movement like the fact that this has no effect on the muscles as Botox does.  However, the more you move the area, the faster that the product may dissolve and go away.

How long do the injections last?  
 Most forehead filler injections last 9 months.  If they are combined with Botox/Dysport to relax the muscle, they may last even longer.  Less movement of the filler equals longer duration.

How should I prepare for my injection appointment?  
 Filler instructions