Cyst Removal

Dr. Brown is a proven expert in cyst removal with minimal scarring.  Rather than cutting out the deep cyst with a wide excision, she can delicately remove the contents and capsule through a small opening.  This procedure can be done with almost no down-time and with rapid skin healing.

What is a cyst?
Cysts are common, harmless sacs filled with skin cells and oil gland material under the skin.  Pilar cysts are most common on the scalp and sebaceous cysts are most common on the trunk and face.  Other less common cysts requiring different treatments can also arise, which is why it's so important to first have an evaluation with a board-certified dermatologist.

How does Dr. Brown remove cysts?
After numbing the area with quick numbing injections, Dr. Brown makes a small opening in the center of the sac and removes the cyst contents.  She then teases out and removes the capsule wall (the balloon lining containing the cyst material) with a special instrument in order to reduce the risk of recurrence.  No sutures are required with this method.  Afterwards, the skin quickly heals from the inside out.

If scarring is already present in the cyst area, Dr. Brown may recommend a full excision and sutures for complete removal.  This can be determined at the initial evaluation.

Can I just drain the cyst at home myself?
While draining cysts will temporarily make them smaller, this will not solve the problem.  A cyst is a balloon-like sac under the surface lined with regenerative skin cells.  Unless this pocket is completely removed, the cyst will persist and grow again.

Does insurance cover cyst removal?
Medical insurance typically covers cyst removal, as these lesions are considered medically necessary if they become bothersome.  However, for high-deductible insurance policies, the cost of the procedure may be the responsiblity of the patient until the deductible is met.  You can contact your specific insurance company for further details.

cyst before & after

cyst 1    cyst 2