Filler injections in the midface can make your cheeks plumper and more youthful or give you nicely defined cheekbones.  Cheek injections can provide subtle, non-surgical contouring of the face with very little downtime.  This area is definitely not a "one size fits all" treatment, however.  Many patients need more definition in the upper cheekbones to provide more lift to the cheeks, while others need lower placement to produce perky "apple" cheeks.  Some patients already have extremely full cheeks and should avoid this area altogether.  Dr. Brown has certainly seen the fad of overfilled cheeks come and go through the years.  Fortunately, we now have other cosmetic procedures to lift the cheeks rather just than fill them. 

Which filler products does Dr. Brown use in the cheeks?  
 Because these injections are placed in a deeper position directly on top of the bone, Dr. Brown must use a thicker product such as Radiesse or Voluma.  Overall, she prefers Radiesse when more structure and definition is needed.  Voluma in this area provides a more subtle and gentle look for someone with thin skin.  We can evaluate your face in the office and determine which fillers and placement areas are best for you.

How long will the results last?  
 The duration of filler injections depends on many factors, such as the specific product used and the overall metabolism of the patient.  Most fillers last 10-18 months in the area, but we recommend a "booster" treatment every 9-12 months to keep the beautiful effect in place.

Is there any pain involved with the injection?  
 We numb every patient with a potent topical numbing cream before filler injections.  Luckily, this area is not very painful to have injected and is an easy quick process for the patient.  We have had several patients undergo cheek fillers with just ice for numbing distraction, although this isn't common nor expected.

What is the downtime afterwards for cheek injections?  
 Depending on the product used, swelling can occur immediately afterwards and last for a few days.  Voluma produces less swelling than Radiesse in this area.  Bruising is much less common for cheek injections.  We do recommend that you sleep on your back the first night to prevent unintended pressure and movement of the product.  The next day, you can resume all regular activities and exercise.

How should I prepare for my injections appointment?  
 Filler Instructions