TheraClearX Acne Therapy

TheraClearX Acne Therapy


Treating acne takes time and patience...unless you add on the TheraClearX procedure!

This FDA-approved treatment combines two separate therapies in one device:
      1)  Vacuum extraction to clear clogged pores of oil and debris
      2)  Pulsed broadband light energy to destroy acne-causing bacteria, calm redness, and reduce oil production

  • Rapid results often start to appear after the second treatment.
  • 4-6 treatments for best results, scheduled once every 1-2 weeks.
  • No down-time.  You can return to normal activities immediately.
  • No pain.  It's a comfortable procedure that anyone can easily tolerate. 
  • Treatments take about 15 minutes for the face.  The back and chest can also be treated. 
  • A perfect, quick solution when preparing for important events or dealing with acne flares. 

What to expect: 

  • Clogged pores shrink and red pimples melt away much more quickly with this treatment regimen. 
  • after completing a full course, most patients have fewer and less severe breakouts as well as less skin oiliness.  Results should last about 3 months or more from this treatment alone.  Monthly touch-up treatments can keep acne at bay.  However, we prefer to combine this effective method with daily acne creams for long-term maintenance.  When combined with topical maintenance therapies, you may only need to have an occasional touch-up for the unexpected flare-ups that arise with stress and life.  
  • Treat your skin as you usually would before and after the treatment and apply your medications or creams as usual.  
  • This procedure can easily be added to other traditional acne treatment plans to boost results.  
  • If you have a wedding , job interview, or prom coming up , this treatment can get you the rapid results that you urgently need.  
  • Results may vary and depend on acne severity and coexisting acne triggers, such as hormones and stress. 
  • Call our office at 832-871-4111 to set up a quick online or in-office consultation

No one should have to deal with acne alone.   We are here to help!

Acne Treatment Process

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