Laser Tattoo Removal

    While tattoos have become the latest rage these days, in some instances they just need to go away. Right now.  Unfortunately, what takes only hours to embed in the skin will take months and months to erase. Our clinic uses the Q-switched Nd: Yag laser to attack these unwanted ink pigments.

    Laser treatment works by breaking up the ink particles into much smaller fragments, which then allows the body's immune system to slowly flush them away out of the skin. While the laser procedure itself is a rather quick procedure that takes only 5-15 minutes, the body's system for removal is painstakingly slow. Depending on various factors such as the location and age of the tattoo, multiple treatments are required. Most tattoos take anywhere from 5-15 sessions to resolve, but we can set up a consultation and evaluation with our laser specialist to better predict your specific needs. We do recommend waiting 2-3 months between each session to maximize the body's healing and natural pigment removal between treatments.