No one likes jowls - ever, but what can be done? While plastic surgery is certainly best for advanced cases, most patients prefer non-invasive treatments without the scars, long down-time, and extremely high cost.

 Depending on the specific issues with your face, we have the following options for jowl eradication: 

How do I know which treatment is best for me?  
 This is where a cosmetic consultation in our office is key.  Dr. Brown and her assistants can evaluate your particular skin and determine the best course of action.  Dr. Brown often combines several smaller procedures to give a subtle, natural result.  We can tailor a specific plan for your needs, since not every patient should be treated exactly the same.

How does Kybella work on the jowls?  
 Some patients have heavy fat deposits or thicker skin in the jowl area.  We don't want to keep adding more and more filler here which would compound the problem of heaviness.  While Kybella injections are only FDA-approved for melting away the double chin fat, we are also getting great results in the jowl area.  Dr. Brown injects only a small amount at a time to prevent any complications, so several sessions will be needed.  Results take months for tightening and slimming the area.  This procedure often works well in combination with other treatments.

Can I return to work right after Kybella?  
 Plan on having swelling and possible bruising in the jowl area for several days afterwards.  You may look like you've had some dental work or a mild case of the mumps.  This procedure is best done before a long weekend.  We also recommend having a good makeup concealer ready, just in case bruising does occur.  We don't want any partners/spouses to unjustly take the blame for a bruise on your face.