Jeuveau is a great treatment for wrinkles caused by muscle movement. In fact, there is nothing better for these areas! You can be assured that Dr. Brown has had years of experience with Jeuveau and is a member of the Jeuveau Cosmetic Physicians' Network. Her ultimate goal is to provide a natural, relaxed result that enhances your appearance but does not drastically change it. If you want a simple, quick, and virtually painless procedure to smooth out wrinkles on your upper face, Jeuveau may be just what you are searching for!

What is the procedure like?
It is a simple 10-minute visit with a few tiny injections.

Which wrinkles are treated with Jeuveau?
The three most common treatment areas are:

* Forehead Wrinkles
* Frown lines between the eyebrows
* Crow's feet

However, we can also use Jeuveau to treat other areas:

* Bunny lines
* Gummy smile
* Pucker lines around lips
* Crinkly chin
* Brow lifting
* Neck bands
* Downturned lip corners
* Large masseter muscles/ square jawline

Is it painful ?
The injections are close to painless, more like a tiny mosquito bite. The discomfort is minimal and temporary.  Dr. Brown uses the tiniest needles possible.

Will I need anesthesia ?
No, not at all. Everyone tolerates the injections very well, even those who don’t like needles.

Is it safe ?
Jeuveau has been FDA approved after it was proven safe and effective in 5 different clinical studies involving over 2100 patients.  Jeuveau is a natural purified protein that is injected into specific muscles at very low doses. The effects are confined to the treated area.

Can I get pregnant while doing Jeuveau?
You should not have treatments if you are currently pregnant. However, there is no reason that you cannot get pregnant after you have had a treatment.

Do I need to take time off to recuperate ?
No. Most patients go right back to work or continue their activities immediately after. The injections are barely noticeable 10-15 minutes after the treatment. You can apply makeup immediately in the area after a treatment.

When will I see results ?
Results begin to appear quickly within 2-3 days.  The muscle gradually relaxes over several days and may take up to 1 week to fully develop.

How long does it last ?
3-4 Months for most patients. When Jeuveau wears off, your wrinkles gradually reappear. Most patients need 3 injections per year, but some individuals last longer.

I have heard that the wrinkles look worse after the Jeuveau wears off?
This is NOT TRUE at all. Your wrinkles will slowly return to their normal condition after 3-4 months. If you continue with regular Jeuveau treatments, the treated muscles become weaker since they are not being used (like flabby arms). This is a good thing for your face, since it is strong muscles that cause the wrinkles. If you stick with treatments, the resting wrinkles typically become less noticeable with time, and you will continue to look better and better.

Are there any side effects ?
Most people have no problems. Occasionally, some may have slight bruising at the injection sites. This is temporary and can be covered with makeup. Some may have a slight headache for a day. If the forehead is treated, there is a very slight risk of temporary eyelid droop. This is typically not noticeable to others and only lasts a few weeks.

Who performs the Jeuveau?
Dr. Brown only.

Is Dr. Brown experienced with Jeuveau?
Yes, she is extremely experienced. She has had extensive training in cosmetic procedures in her dermatology residency and has constantly refined her craft through the years with additional medical conferences.

Why should I choose Dr. Brown for my Jeuveau treatments?
Dr. Brown is board certified in Dermatology and has had years of training and many more years of experience administering injections like  Jeuveau. She has been trusted by thousands of patients through the years and rightfully so.  She has a well-respected reputation among her colleagues in the field.

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