Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring

It's a simple fact of life - we all lose bone as we age. And for adult women, this loss of structural support leads to even further sagging and wrinkling. In addition, not many of us are naturally blessed with a well-defined jawline and bone structure like Angelina Jolie. Fortunately, non-surgical injections can improve all these issues and give definition and support to the basic framework of the face. Dr. Brown can give you recommendations on the best placement of filler for your frame. Some patients with wide lower faces may need relaxation of the masseter muscles with Botox to soften the strong edges of the outer jawline, while others may need fat reduction of the jowls with Kybella or support in the cheeks to lift the frame. Regardless of the goal, it is important to approach the face as a whole to keep the natural balance and overall proportion intact.

Which fillers does Dr. Brown use for the jawline?
For injections that are placed deeper in the skin and along the bone, Dr. Brown prefers thicker products such as Radiesse, Voluma, and Lyft. These products typically last about a year or so in most patients.

How painful are the injections?
With our potent numbing cream that is placed beforehand, most patients tolerate this procedure extremely well with little discomfort.

Can I return to work right afterwards?
Bruising and swelling are possible in this area but typically aren't a significant issue here. We recommend that you have a makeup concealer ready just in case. Most patients have this procedure on a Friday, so that they have the weekend for healing. Others return to work the next day with concealer in place and their hair down to cover up any possible evidence.

How should I prepare for my injection appointment?
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