Dysport is an FDA-approved alternative to Botox.  This injectable treatment for wrinkles contains the same purified ingredient (botulinum toxin type A) as Botox. 

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   I haven't heard of Dysport.  Is it new?   
 Not at all.  Dr. Brown has been injecting Dysport since it first became available in the U.S. in April 2009.   Dysport was developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1990’s and has been available in Europe, Asia, and South America for over 15 years.   As with Botox, it was originally developed for other medical conditions and has been used for many years for muscle and eye disorders, excessive sweating, and facial wrinkles. 

   Which wrinkles can be treated with Dysport?   
 As with Botox, this injection helps with wrinkles caused by muscle movement: the forehead lines, Crow’s feet, and the frown lines between the brows.  Dr. Brown is also trained in advanced injections for other areas, which can be addressed in your consultation. 

   What is the procedure like?   
 It is a simple 10-minute visit with a few tiny injections.  Dr. Brown uses the smallest needles available to minimize pain and possible bruising. 

   Is it painful?   
 Botox and Dysport injections are the easiest cosmetic procedures to try.  The injections feel like mosquito bites. 

   Do I need to take time off to recuperate?   
 No. Most patients return to work or their usual activities immediately.  The injection sites typically resolve within 10-15 minutes, and you can cover the area with makeup immediately. 

   When will I see results?   
 Within 2-3 days, but the full effect may take up to 1 week to develop.  Dysport works slightly faster than Botox. 


   Which is better: Botox or Dysport?   
 The answer may depend on who you listen to and is widely debated in the medical community.  Various studies have shown a longer lasting effect with either one or the other, with no real winner in sight yet.  These two products most likely have the same side effect profile and same length of duration.  There are some slight important differences between the two, which reinforces the need to rely on a thoroughly experienced physician for injections. 

   Are there any side effects?   
 Most people have no problems at all.  Occasionally, some may have slight bruising at the injection sites.  To minimize bruising, avoid alcohol, fish oil, aspirin, and ibuprofen for 10 days before Dysport injections.  Some individuals may have a slight headache for one day.  If the forehead is treated, there is a very slight risk of temporary eyelid droop.  This is typically not noticeable to others and may last a few weeks. 

   Who performs the Dysport injections?   
 Dr. Brown only.  She understands that experience and expertise are extremely important, especially when undergoing any treatment on the face. 

 Dysport Instructions 

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