Acne Scarring

It is so much easier to PREVENT acne scarring, rather than treat it after the fact.  However, we still have many options to help your skin.  Treating acne scars takes patience, persistence, and time.  There is no special cream that will magically remove them all.  Different scar types need different treatments, so first we determine a game plan depending on what's involved.  Here's a short list of what can help:

  • Pitted Scars: TCA Cross can help to close in the deep pits.  This is repeated monthly until the scars fill in.  This is typically avoided in the summer months to avoid discoloration.
  • Rolling Scars: Restylane filler injection in each depressed scar can help to even out the indentions.  This may need to be repeated after a year.
  • Keloids (raised scars): Monthly steroid injections in each scar can slowly flatten them with time.
  • Texture Irregularities: Laser resurfacing (such as CO2 laser or Fraxel), microneedle therapy, and radiofrequency treatment (Infini) can slowly improve the texture of the skin.
  • Red discoloration: Bio-Oil over the counter can slowly calm down the redness.  Pulsed dye laser (V-Beam laser) can improve it after several months.
  • Brown discoloration: Hydroquinoine cream (prescription) to each brown spot can slowly lighten over time.  Chemical peels monthly can speed up the process, but these are avoided in the summer months.